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Our Platform

Our primary goal as a party will be to preserve the rights of humanity for ourselves and future generations. These rights include the right to life, including life in a sustainable society, to free expression, to privacy, and to participate in egalitarian elections without the influence of money. To ensure these rights, we will support legislation that advances the ideals outlined in this platform.

The Environment

We believe that climate change is the biggest challenge facing our generation today and we support legislation to protect and preserve our environment. We recognize that as we approach the point of no return, for the survival of the human race, drastic measures are necessary.


We believe no one should have the power to prevent the free exchange and expression of ideas or creative works. We believe in an open and transparent government in which activities are not hidden from the public. We believe that all individuals should be guaranteed the right to privacy; and must be free to make any personal decisions that do not bring harm to others. We believe that no corporation shall be able to monopolize an industry to prevent ideas and work from being freely used, expressed, or exchanged.